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Winterizing Your Car

Posted by D Harrill on December 12, 2013

snowcarIt’s that time of year again, and everything in your world is about to become just a bit nippier, colder, and icier! Before winter even officially started, many parts of the country have experienced biting frost, ice, and snow. Although this isn’t necessarily uncommon, it’s important to note that every year, people all over the country aren’t fully equipped to handle icy conditions, and in the long run, don’t know much about how to prepare themselves, or their car for the icy winter roads. There are, however, methods that help keep you out of danger, and because of these methods you can rest easier knowing that your chances of braving the snow and ice this winter are now leaning more in your favor.

What You Need In Your Vehicle

As far as what your vehicle holds in it, here are some things you’d do well to keep with you at all times, if possible.


An Enclosed container of water in the back of your vehicle can be a good safety net for ice. Having water with you can help melt ice off of doors, tires, and handles. This can be an important factor to getting to work on time.

Ice Scrapper

Keep an ice scrapper in your car. It’s a requirement to living in icy conditions. Really, they aren’t that expensive, and they won’t take up much room at all. An ice scraper not only keeps you from danger, but you can use it to help others in need of it as well.


With a couple lighters, you can protect yourself from the cold if there are ever any extenuating circumstances that require you to light a fire. They’re also just really handy to have.

Kitty Litter

Yes, the rumors are true. If you can keep a small bag of the stuff with you, you can use it as traction when getting yourself out of a ditch. Pretty useful stuff.

Check Your Tires

Speaking of traction, the most pivotal part of your ability to even have traction in the first place is in the condition of your tires. Be sure those four big rubber things at the corners of your vehicle have at least half a penny’s length worth of traction on them. For larger vehicles, you may need even more. It all depends on the weight distribution of the vehicle you drive. Either way, checking your tires is crucial to being at peace about any upcoming snow-driving you may be doing later in the year.

Check Your Brakes

Make sure those brakes are in good condition too! Your ABS brakes are pivotal in snowy and icy weather, and your brake pads should be in relatively new condition to handle the extra strain of stopping on a road that doesn’t grip your tires. To keep you and your family safe, those brakes have to be good BEFORE and ice storm approaches. Give reputable Jaguar professionals a call to get your brakes, tires, and fluid levels checked before the weather gets too bad this winter!

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