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Jaguar® ONLY Repair Shop

Virginia, Maryland & Washington, DC Jaguar® ONLY Repair Shop

Top Line Jag Repair WORKS ONLY ON JAGUARS since 1990. Top Line Jag Repair has The Jaguar® Factory Diagnostic Computer WITHOUT THE HIGH PRICES.  So often repair shops in the Metro Area miss-diagnose Jaguar® problems and sale customers expensive parts that the Jaguar® did not need. It takes a great deal of expertise in Jaguar® Diagnostics to identify the small problem immediately and not ignorantly replace unneeded parts to find out what the problem is.  Top Line Jag Repair’s elite Jaguar® Technicians can find the small short or loose connection rather than an expensive ECU that so often the Computer is telling the lesser qualified mechanic at a repair facility to replace to fix the “CODE”. Top Line’s Diagnostic staff has the talent to identify Jaguar® specific repair both electronically and mechanically with is becoming a lost ability in our trade in Baltimore.  We have The Jaguar® Factory Computer AND EXPERTISE on Jaguar® to identify repairs that a regular mechanic will not see until it’s a big problem costing the customer lots of money. Here at Top Line Jag repair is our one and only focus saving our customers lots of money.


We do NOT employ Service Writers (who are usually on Commission and make as much as or more than the top earning technician at the repair facility), this cuts out a big chunk of money that is normally added into your repair invoice at almost all other repair facilities. Here at Top Line Jag Repair you will SPEAK DIRECTLY WITH YOUR TECHNICIAN who is working on your Jaguar®. At Top Line, Jaguar® service and repair is our key objective which saves you money one your Jaguar® diagnosis..

  • You simply won’t find better Jaguar® diagnostics and repair in the DC-metro area than at Top Line.
  • Our Jaguar® repair shop is the only one that works only on Jaguars®
  •  Any model; New to Antique, dating back to the 1940’s.

This concentrated focus saves you time and a heap of money!

Call us today at 571-336-7701.

We guarantee your Jaguar® repair for 12 months or 12,000 miles*.
Whichever comes first.*

Top Line Is Your Smartest Choice For Jaguar® Repair:

  • Jaguar® Engine repair
  • Jaguar® Transmission repair and Overhaul
  • Jaguar® Front-end repair
  • Jaguar® Heating / cooling system repairs Low Coolant Light
  • Jaguar® Electrical repairs
  • Repairs for all other Jaguar® systems
  • Jaguar® body repair and painting

State-of-the-Art Jaguar® Repair Shop:

  • 19 bays, 10,000 square feet of space
  • Specialized diagnostic equipment and tools
  • Extended warranty coverage
  • Communications with insurance companies as needed
  • In-house parts rebuilding for many parts that are no longer available

Your Advantages With Top Line:

  • Certified, highly experienced Jaguar® mechanics who repair only Jaguars
  • Jaguar® computer diagnostics and OEM parts
  • All Top Line employees are salaried, not paid commission
  • HUGE in-house supply of used parts unavailable elsewhere

We do a great deal of work for other repair shops who can’t properly diagnose or fix Jaguar® problems.  Of course this means they charge you much more than you would have paid had you come to us.  So come straight to us and save your money!

Contact Top Line Jag Repair today at 571-336-7701 and have your Jaguar® fixed correctly by expert Jaguar® mechanics and technicians specializing in Jaguar® repairs in the Washington Metro area. Or browse our website for more information about Jaguar® service or to see our photo gallery.


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