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Annandale VA Jaguar® ONLY Service & Repair by Top Line Jag Repair

The Top Line Jag Repair: Jaguar® Oil Change Service:

Top Line Jag Repair Works Only On Jaguars, for 28 years and has The Jaguar® Factory Diagnostic Computer WITHOUT THE HIGH PRICES!  We use only semi-synthetic or full synthetic oil and a Genuine Jaguar® Oil filter.   At Top Line Jag Repair we buy the highest quality oil available. Many  shops in Annandale are using top up oil which is oil with no SAE rating, which means it’s only good to add no more than one quart.  I also use the genuine Jaguar® oil filter which is the highest quality you will find for your Jaguar® Oil Change.  We are able to find problems early in seconds.  When a Jaguar® experienced technician looks under the Jag at oil changes we will see small problems in seconds that a regular technician in Alexandria will not see, until its a big expensive problem to far along to nip in the bid more inexpensively.  This allows us to do repairs early before the problem becomes big and expensive!


We do NOT employee Service Writers, the person on the phone selling you the work ( who are usually on Commission and make as much as or more than the top earning technician at the repair facility), this cuts out a big chunk of money that is normally added into your repair invoice at most all other repair facilities  . Here at Top Line Jag Repair you will SPEAK DIRECTLY WITH YOUR TECHNICIAN who is working on your Jaguar®. ALL EMPLOYEES OF TOP LINE JAG Repair ARE PAID SALARY.

Jaguar® Suspension & Stability Control

If your Jaguar® drops or lowers call Top Line Jag Repair!! We will save you lots of money and headache getting right to your problem, even if it’s just a very small one, which often is the most costly and hard to find. Not at Top Line Jag, because we have the sophisticated Jaguar® Factory Computer and unique diagnostic tools to find the problem.  Other technicians in Annandale often start with the most expensive parts hoping to fix the problem, the Air Springs or Shocks themselves, because they don’t have the expertise or equipment to pin point the real problem, when the wrong part is replaced in this system, it leaves the original problem, this then makes the customer be faced with replacing the air spring or shocks soon after, because just leaving this problem un-repaired damages the good air springs or shocks. Bring it in to Top Line Jag Repair and you will avoid the unnecessary cost of having an unequipped and inexperienced technician work on the Jaguar®.


Jaguar® Brake Repair & Replacement

We can eliminate the annoying dust and squeak of most brake systems.  We do not charge “out of the book” like other Alexandria repair facilities, because our technicians are on salary not commission so we are not required to. Our brake job labor is billed in straight time, saving the customer a lot of money. Our Jaguar® technicians don’t come up at payday with their note book with your name in it and the list of jobs done on your car and the “book time ” they are legally supposed to be paid.  Since our Jaguar® technicians are just on salary this allows the shop to significantly drop the price of our brake job and services to our customers. We put our best Jaguar® Technicians on brakes, we do NOT put the ” Tire Tech” on brakes like most shops in Annandale do, because its your safety we are working on and this is the most important system along with the steering in your Jaguar®. If your engine stops, fuel pump stops, or hoses blow causing your engine to fail as long as you can steer and stop you should be ok, so we take a different view on brakes at Top Line Jag Repair, we have your best interest in mind and we put our Top Jaguar® Techs on your brake systems.


Jaguar® Restricted Performance Light

Jaguar® Low Coolant Light / Jaguar® Check Engine Light / Indicator

If you have any warning light on your dash call Top Line Jag Repair. Don’t let an inexperienced and unequipped technician start selling you unnecessary parts.  50% of Top Line’s business are other shops who realize that they will cost their shop owner and Customer more money if they try to tackle this themselves.  Cut out the middle man come straight to Top Line Jag Repair.  Avoid shops and technicians who will see the code and start throwing parts on your Jaguar® and bill that you DON’T NEED!! It takes not only the correct diagnostic equipment but an honest technician who has extensive Jaguar® experience, like the elite Jaguar® Technicians at Top Line Jag Repair.


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