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Jaguar Auto Repair and Service


We only work on Jaguar. Top Line of Northern Virginia.  Top Line has worked exclusively on Jaguars since 1990, under the same ownership.  We are a full-service Jaguar automotive repair shop whose certified mechanics and technicians know the sophisticated details of every Jaguar automobile manufactured since the 1940’s.

You’ll save money and headaches when you depend on us.  Our Jaguar trained mechanics and technicians will pinpoint your problems using their expert diagnostic skills.  This provides you with timely and proper repairs that are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.*

In fact, automotive repair shops throughout the Metro DC area send their Jaguar repairs to Top Line of Northern, Virginia when they can’t determine the problem, Yet still charge you significantly more than our price to do the repairs.  Most automotive repair shops pay their mechanics on commission, this creates a strong motivation to complete each job quickly and find more “problems”. All staff and technicians are paid SALARY not commission or bonus and they do NOT accept tips. This cuts out any incentive to make unnecessary or costly repair.

 Contact Top Line today at 571-248-5600 for all your Jaguar automobile repair needs.

* Warranty is voided if another repair facility works on the same system that we serviced.