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Jaguar® ONLY Repair and Service

Jaguar® ONLY Auto Repair and Service

Top Line Jag Repair only works on Jaguar® for 25+ years.   Top Line Jag Repair has The Jaguar® Factory Diagnostic Computer WITHOUT THE HIGH PRICES! Top Line Jag Repair has worked exclusively on Jaguars® since 1990, under the same ownership of Debbie Harrill.  We are the ONLY shop that works only on Jaguars® which saves customers a lot of money with our spot on diagnosis and repair. So often repair shops miss-diagnose Jaguar® problems and sale customers expensive parts that the Jaguar® did not need. It takes a great deal of expertise in Jaguar® Diagnostics to identify the small problem immediately and not ignorantly replace unneeded parts to find out what the problem is, CHARGING YOU EVERY PENNY FOR THEIR IGNORANCE.  Top Line Jag Reapir’s elite Jaguar® Technicians find the small short or loose connection rather than an expensive ECU that so often the Computer is telling the lessor qualified mechanic at a repair shop to replace to fix the “CODE”. Top Line Jag’s Diagnostic staff has the talent to identify Jaguar® specific repair both electronically and mechanically with is becoming a lost ability in our trade.  We have The Jaguar® Factory Computer and EXPERTISE on Jaguar® to identify repairs that a regular mechanic will not see until its a big problem costing the customer lots of money.

We do NOT employee Service Writers ( these are the people talking to you, selling you your repair work, who are usually on Commission and make as much as or more than the top earning technician at the repair facility or dealership), this cuts out a big chunk of money that is normally added into your repair invoice somewhere else . Here at Top Line Jag  you will SPEAK DIRECTLY WITH YOUR TECHNICIAN who is working on your Jaguar, who is ON SALARY.

We are a full-service Jaguar® repair shop whose Jaguar® mechanics and Jaguar® technicians know the sophisticated details of every Jaguar® automobile manufactured since the 1940’s. Top Line Jag has the best Jaguar® repair service you will find anywhere!

You’ll save money and headaches when you depend on us for your Jaguar® repair service.  Our Jaguar mechanics and Jaguar technicians will pinpoint your problems using their expert Jaguar diagnostic skills and  we are hands-down the very best around at Jaguar electrical problems.  Top Line Jag is the Top Jaguar electrical problem solver.  Here at Top Line Jag Repair we have 8 bays just for Jaguar® electrical problems as well as 19 lift bays for all Jaguar® repair service. We are not a small two-bay shop claiming to specialize in Jaguar®, we are THE JAGUAR® SPECIALIST. My head diagnostic technician has worked for Top Line Jag Repair 23 years working ONLY on Jaguar®. This provides you with timely and proper repairs that are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.*We have the expertise to find the small short or loose connection that so often other repair facilities just replace entire units and assemblies unnecessarily costing the Jaguar® customer bundles of money.

In fact, other shops throughout the Metro area send their Jaguar® repairs to Top Line Jag when they can’t determine the problem, yet still charge you significantly more than our price to do the Jaguar repair service.  Most automotive repair shops and dealers pay their mechanics commission, potentially leading to strong motivation to complete each job quickly and overlook potential bigger problems down the road. Our team of Jaguar® Mechanics & Jaguar® Technicians are paid SALARY not commission or bonus and they do NOT accept tips. This cuts out any incentive to make unnecessary or costly repairs, yet still provide exceptional service.

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Some of the Jaguar® Service & Repair services we offer:

  • Jaguar® Suspension & Stability Control –  We are experts in solving a Lowered XJ
  • Jaguar® Brake Repair and Replacement – We charge one hour less than “ The Book” since we don’t pay commission, we can charge actual time. We put our best techs on brakes, not the “tire tech” like other shops do.
  • Restricted Performance Light – If you have a “Restricted Performance” or “Limp Home Mode” come to us, don’t settle for miss-diagnosis somewhere else, this cost you a lot of unnecessary money to pay them for the wrong parts. We do it correctly for you, saving you a great deal of money.
  • Coolant Light / Check Engine Light / Indicator – The Check Engine light is SO OFTEN incorrectly repaired by other shops, you would be surprised how often they start throwing unnecessary parts on your car based on THE CODE, which only points to but not fixes the problem, and guess what? YOU pay every penny for their wrong diagnosis. Bring it directly to Top Line Jag and we will repair ONLY what needs to be and we won’t be guessing and spending your money on unnecessary parts and diagnosis time.
  • I use warranty seal


What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying:

What a Great Experience, World Class Jaguar® Repair Shop, Tom B. Baltimore MD.

Love Knowing My Jaguar® is in the best hands for all my Jaguar® Services. George M. Washington DC.

Top Line does all my brake repair and oil changes on my Jaguar®, fast and affordable Jaguar® Shop. Michelle E. Baltimore MD.

Thank you Debbie for taking such good care of my Jaguar® for so many years. Pat J.  Springfield VA.



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