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Jaguar® ONLY Service and Repair

Jaguar® Service: Brakes, Oil Changes & Expert Jaguar® Service Technicians

Top Line Jag Repair WORKS ONLY ON JAGUARS® since 1990!  Welcome to my Jag shop, I am Debbie Harrill. Finally I have The alternative to the Dealer. We have The Jaguar® Factory Diagnostic Computer WITHOUT THE HIGH PRICES!  If its a Jag we do it all. From Transmission Adaptation and software Updates to Automatic Transmission Over Haul ( IN HOUSE) TO leather band replacement!  Suspension software updates, if that’s all it likely needs to ride height conversions to set the torsion bars.  Inboard brake replacement to ABS module rebuild IN HOUSE (we do NOT have to send out ), to now , again software update likely all that it needs.  Gauge calibration and dash over haul to software update ( does your Leaper Logo come on the Info screen and doesn’t communicate?) call Debbie, Ill fix it, again SOFTWARE UPDATE.  Each System of your Jag we are Experts newest to oldest Jags!  Bottom Line this saves you time and money!

Don’t accept the miss-diagnosis of repair facilities who only claim to “specialize in Jaguars” mistakenly replacing entire unnecessary expensive units and assemblies that could have been merely repaired if they really had the correct expertise in Jaguars, which would save you a lot of money. Top Line Jag Repair has the experience in Jaguar® repair to correctly identify the small short or loose connection that fools so many other shops from Baltimore to Virginia Beach and all repair facilities in between leading them to replace whole systems just to make sure they repaired the problem, WASTING YOUR MONEY!


We do NOT employee Service Writers ( who are usually on Commission and make as much as or more than the top earning technician at the repair facility), this cuts out a big chunk of money that is normally added into your repair invoice at most all other repair facilities  . Here at Top Line Jag Repair you will SPEAK DIRECTLY WITH YOUR DIAGNOSTIC TECHNICIAN who is working on your Jaguar® on SALARY.


Other repair shops in the DC Metro area and Baltimore Metro Area send their customers Jaguar® repairs to us when the can’t figure out the problem, instead of the Dealer! Skip that whole scenario and come straight to Top Line Jag Repair.

We are the only shop in the Metro DC, Baltimore Maryland, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Annapolis, Bethesda areas  devoted exclusively to Jaguar® Service & Repair, the only Alternative to the Dealer .  Check with your current repair facility , ask them if they work on any other type of vehicle, the answer will be “Yes” . We’re experts in every Jaguar® model built since the 1940’s.  That tight focus provides you with superior-quality Jaguar® maintenance – and saves you money and time.

Call now to SPEAK DIRECTLY WITH YOUR TECHNICIAN not a “service writer”

Our specialized knowledge of the Jaguar® means we can pinpoint any problems with your Jaguar® and provide exactly the service you need, including all service and maintenance required to keep your Jaguar warranty in effect. We will find the small problem that other places are not capable of finding, instead they will sale you an entire assembly insuring that its fixed rather than the pig tail or small repair that can be done to that expensive existing unit in your Jaguar instead of buying a new one. YES YES YES we can, that’s what has kept me in business for 26 years on nothing but Jaguars, I offer a service that No One else can.


Need another reason to try Top Line Jag Repair?  While other repair shops in Washington pay their mechanics commission, we pay ours a SALARY – so there’s no motivation to do hasty or sloppy work. THIS IS A HUGE BENEFIT TO MY CUSTOMERS from Baltimore to Virginia Beach.  Practically the whole repair industry is on commission. From the person on the phone selling you the work ( usually they make more than the technicians in the shop) to the technician working on your Jag.

Get the best service you can for your Jaguar® – and save your money! Make a service appointment by calling Top Line Jag Repair in for your Jaguar® Repair today.

Top Line Means Superior Service and Maintenance:

  • Jaguar® Regular maintenance checks, we will keep you in compliance with your warranty.
  • All scheduled service
  • Extended warranties honored and Insurance work honored.
  • Jaguar® Engine tune-ups, remember most spark plugs are long life now days.
  • Jaguar® Oil changes we only use the Jaguar® OEM filter, our Jaguar® technicians spot in second what a regular technician will not see unil its a big expensive problem
  • Jaguar® Brake repair / replacement, we charge one hour LESS than the ” BOOK” because we don’t pay out of the ” book” we are SALARY
  • Jaguar® Tire maintenance / replacement, I am a distributor, I don’t up sale tires.
  • Jaguar® Steering and suspension adjustments, we are experts in diag a Low XJ

State-of-the Art Jaguar® Service Shop:

  • 19 bays, 10,000 square feet of space and 8 Jaguar Electrical bays
  • Specialized diagnostic licensed equipment and tools Jaguar® Factor Diag Computer
  • Communications with insurance companies as needed so they pay us you won’t
  • In-house parts rebuilding for many parts that are no longer available and some AND we can rebuild MANY of them saving you bundles of money

Your Advantages With Top Line JAG Repair Service:

  • Certified, highly experienced mechanics and technicians who repair only Jaguars
  • The Jaguar® Factory Diagnostic Computer and OEM parts
  • All Top Line Jag Repair employees are salaried, not paid commission
  • Huge in-house supply of Jaguar® Parts unavailable elsewhere

When you choose Top Line Jag Repair to service your Jaguar®,  you’re choosing the same shop that many area repair shops rely on for their more difficult Jaguar® service jobs.  They send your car to us, charge you a premium and you never know about it.


Trust your Jaguar’s service only to a specialist! Contact us today at 571-336-7701 for the best Jaguar® service, repair and maintenance you can get in the DC Metro area, or browse our website for more information about Jaguar® repair or to see our photo gallery.


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