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Potomac Maryland Jaguar® ONLY Service Repairs

Top Line Jag Repair WORKS ONLY ON JAGUARS® since 1990. Top Line Jag has The Jaguar® Factory Diagnostic Computer WITHOUT THE HIGH PRICES.  This long concentration on Jaguars allows us to identify small repairs in seconds that a regular mechanic in Potomac will not see until its a BIG costly repair. Don’t settle for the Potomac MD shop that sales you the whole assembly because they don’t have the expertise on Jaguars to repair it. We can find the short or loose connection if that is the problem , rather than replacing whole assemblies or systems, like many other repair shops because they don’ t recognize the actual problem.

We do all repairs, covering all aspects of your Jaguar®. We perform engine repair, Jaguar® transmission Overhaul and replacement, front-end repair and FULL 4 wheel alignment ( not the 2 wheel many shops are doing and claiming they do 4),  heating/cooling system repairs we can repair your Jaguar® climate control unit rather than merely replacing an expensive unit that just needed repair, electrical repairs we are HANDS DOWN THE BEST at Jaguar® electrical problems , repairs for all other systems, and Paint and body repair we will match your color exactly so you can’t tell it was painted!

All of our staff are on SALARY not commission, so there is no incentive for a sloppy job to be done in the place of a quality one. We are the only Jaguar® devoted repair shop in the Metro DC area or anywhere, and we have the best services for our niche in all categories!

We perform all Jaguar® scheduled maintenance checks, we honor your extended warranties, we perform engine tune ups, oil changes, brake repair and replacement, tire maintenance and replacement, and even steering and suspension adjustment ( All Done to Jaguar® Factory Specs) . We do it all in our 19 bay, 10,000 square feet work space. Don’t hesitate to get services you can be proud of. Top Line Jag Repair is the place to go.



Potomac-Potomac MD – Potomac Maryland- River Road, North Potomac

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